Home Inspection in Woodstock

K-Home Inspection initiated about a decade ago, and during that time, we have helped countless clients in making smart decisions regarding their homes. A critical aspect is to hire a professional home inspector to assess the condition and quality of your home, and we have the expertise to provide you with the best home inspection in Woodstock. Our experts make sure to check every corner of your home and provide you with a detailed report based on checklists so you can review it and satisfy yourself. Our service ensures assessment of every possible danger or hazard present and provides its solutions.

Roofing Services in Woodstock

Combining with our home inspection is our service of roofing in Woodstock, GA, that enables us to assess your roofs to find any potential leakage, moisture, damage or any other issue. We make sure that we combine both processes to come up with a consolidated identification and suggest the solution accordingly. Our roofing in Woodstock, GA, also checks for termite infestation or carry mold inspection on your roofs. Once identified, we can share these reports combined or individually, so you have total control over which decision to make and which one you prefer more.